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Gef㫬t mir


Main hall
Space:240-640 m² (approx. 80-800 guests )
Space:375 m² (approx. 90-300 guests )
Orange Lounge
Space:100 m² (up to 100 guests )
Green Lounge
Space:104 m² (50-130 guests)
First Floor
Space:290 m² (up to 200 guests)

An event location unlike anything that ever existed in Hamburg has been developed in the grounds of the old Edelfettwerk. The former factory buildings, in an industrial space of approximately 6000 m², have been transformed into easily accessible bar and dance areas where each guest can find his or her own personal style. This has been created by the provision of a wide variety of musical genres and interior design elements of the different buildings, which have been carefully restored to retain the character of a factory in olden times.

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