Großer Michel

Moored or sailing, a stylish event or an intoxicating party. Whether you want a full-service company event, conference, press conference or magnificent wedding reception; with the saloon roof open in summer or (thanks to its ice-breaking abilities) equally reliable and well heated in winter when there are ice floes on the River Elbe. One way or another, we are there for you.

The former HADAG ferry (built in 1955) provides an elegant and comfortable interior with classy wood paneling and decor in warm shades. The relaxed, luxurious atmosphere is combined with powerful engines and a robust exterior: after all, the ship is licensed as an ice-breaker… and much more.

In addition to a very special atmosphere, charming service and an extraordinary accommodation experience, the exclusive cabins to hotel standards provide a unique view of St. Michaelis (the "Michel"), the City Yacht Harbor, the Überseebrücke Cruise Centre, the Musical Theater, Elbe Philharmonic and much more.