The huge barbecue in the garden completes the campaign presentation for the new men's fragrance. During a sporting event in the terrain, high-ribs from the grill or the suckling pig emit a tempting scent and invite you to relax outdoor. We serve like it suits to the occasion. And we serve unique dishes: Every Barbecue is precision work. Even without meat a barbecue can be a treat, we prove it with specialities like Loup de Mer in banana – leaves or exotic marinated seafood on a skewer. Let us know your wishes. We turn them into a perfect barbecue – event.


  • we barbecue on location
  • swordfish in tomato sauce, teriyaki beef fillet, king prawn and rosemary kebabs - almost everything is possible
  • freshly prepared or marinated by our chef in advance
  • served straight from the grill – side dishes in buffet style if required
  • a grill and a least one chef will be necessary